Wedding photography

I have a special predilection for my photography being a balanced mix of real, natural, carefree but at the same time elegant moments with a touch of mystery or drama, which gives each photograph a special aura. I feel like it's the perfect way to describe you as a couple on your wedding day.

For me it is very important that we connect in the process, and that you enjoy every moment we spend. I like to start the day with you, from the preparations and accompany you in each part of the wedding. There are moments in which I will be more present, but in the majority I will go unnoticed, but even though you do not see me, you will always feel that I am there collecting every moment.

Here is a sample of some of the beautiful stories that I have had the pleasure of living and telling.

Carlota Aitor Boda en la Iglesia de San José de la Montaña Bilbao Palacio San Joseren Getxo 2022 Mas que Momentos Avance 101 Decorative Icon: Two Cats

Carlota + Aitor

Wedding in church San José de la Montaña, Bilbao + San Joseren palace, Getxo

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Marina Angel Boda en Torre Loizaga 2022 Mas que Momentos 65 Avance Decorative Icon: Rose

Marina + Angel

Wedding at the Hermitage of Santiago and the Torre Loizaga estate, Biscay, Basque Country

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Lara Fernando Boda en finca privada Rasines Cantabria Mas que Momentos 289 Avance 1 Decorative Icon: Rose in Hand

Lara + Fernando

Boda en una finca privada, Rasines, Valle del Asón, Cantabria

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Lydia Lander Boda 2021 Nuestra Señora de la Encina Finca Palacio Molinar 363 bn Decorative Icon: Mountains

Lydia + Lander

Wedding at the Santuario of Nuestra Señora de la Encina, Arciniega and Palacio el Molinar venue, Gordexola

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Carla Sergio Boda 2021 Finca Soto de Gracia Madrid Mas que Momentos 783 Decorative Icon: MQM

Carla + Sergio

Wedding at the Finca Soto de Gracia, Madrid

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Alazne Borja Boda en Finca Ziarsolo Mas que Momentos 850 BN Decorative Icon: Mug

Alazne + Borja

Wedding at the Finca Ziarsolo, Biscay

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vLucia Ander Boda 2021 Bilbao Iglesia de San Jose Carlton 568 BN Decorative Icon: Two Cats

Lucía + Ander

Wedding at the San Jose Church and Hotel Carlton, Bilbao

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Patri Txetxu Boda 2021 Ermita en Sierra Salvada 347 Decorative Icon: Rose

Patricia + Txetxu

Elopement at Sierra Salvada, Álava

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Eztisen Javi Boda Mas que Momentos 730 Decorative Icon: Rose in Hand

Eztisen + Javi

Wedding at the Jardín de Barretaguren, Biscay

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Boda en la huerta de Cubas 399 Decorative Icon: Mountains

Sofía + Jon

Wedding at La Huerta de Cubas, Cantabria

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Allende Alejandro 903 Decorative Icon: MQM

Allende + Alejandro

Wedding at the Magdalena Palace and Deluz Restaurant, Cantabria

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Zaloa Ino Boda 271 Decorative Icon: Mug

Zaloa + Ino

Weddind at the Bilbao City Hall, Biscay

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Maria + Isaac - Boda 2019 - Boda en palacio san Joseren Decorative Icon: Two Cats

Maria + Isaac

Wedding at the Palacio San Joseren, Biscay

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MarIna Borja Boda en la Huerta de Cubas 456 Decorative Icon: Rose

Marina + Borja

Wedding at The Caravan and La Huerta de Cubas, Cantabria

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Itsasne Iker Boda 1162 Decorative Icon: Rose in Hand

Itsasne + Iker

Wedding at the Baserri Maitea Restaurant, Biscay

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Ane Asier Boda 362 Decorative Icon: Mountains

Ane + Asier

Wedding at the Zintziri Errota Restaurant, Biscay

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Boda Finca Ziarsolo Fotografo de bodas bilbao Mas que Momentos shoot 381 Decorative Icon: MQM

Jimena + Olaf

Wedding at the Finca Ziarsolo, Biscay

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Marta Jon Boda 1081 1 Decorative Icon: Mug

Marta + Jon

Wedding in Irun, Gipuzkoa

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And that all these incredible moments are collected as memories forever.

Sonia Jon Boda en Etxekobe 2022 Mas que Momentos 34 Avance Coral Sergio Boda en Finca Prados Riveros Rascafria Madrid 2022 Mas que Momentos 120 Avance Decorative Icon: Logotype