Firstly, thank you!

We are very excited that you have come this far and want to know a little more about our work. We are going to try to share with you our way of living and narrate every moment of that magical and unrepeatable day. We greatly value memories, and the strength and emotional value they have. It may seem strange, but you don't know how important a photo, a video, an audio can be for you until you have it.

For us, it's not just about arriving, shooting and delivering. We seek to tell the story of your day not only with the superficial, with what the naked eye sees or "the photos that are supposed to be taken". We believe that the key to making it big, as you deserve, is to get to know you a little bit, to sail alongside you, to create a unique memory that reflects you, and to finally deliver it in the best possible packaging.

Album fotos
Album verde

The album

Our wedding albums are carefully selected. This means that you can keep your memories as they pristinely preserved and with the highest possible quality. Our albums are customisable in colours, materials and finishes. Once you choose the photos, we assemble them, and once you think they are perfect, we send them to print with our carefully selected provider.



We try to take care of every detail, and that everything we do speaks of you, of us, and of this adventure we have enjoyed together.

We deliver your special day in a beautiful little box made of aged walnut wood. Handmade with love for you.

In this box, you will find a USB with all the digital files in colour and black and white. You will also have something physical apart from the online gallery, some copies on Fine Art paper, which is a soft paper that leaves no traces and has with a rough watercolour effect. And maybe some other detail, a polaroid, or some souvenir that we take from the wedding... We like this box to be a surprise for you, and the perfect conclusion of your memory.

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