Más Que Momentos

I am going to tell you a little about myself, Marta Fresnillo. My taste for art began early, already as a child. I grew up surrounded by the paintings painted by my mother on every wall of the house, and every Sunday I woke up with music coming from my father's record player while I was browsing photography books.

I had my phase of wanting to paint pictures in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and murals on the walls. I studied artistic baccalaureate and later graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where I specialized in illustration, design and visual arts. For years I have done different corporate identity and documentary photography work for different companies.

I could say that this, along with all my thousand visits to the Prado Museum, forged my obsession with chiaroscuro and costumbrismo scenes. All this path and the experiences I have had led me to turn my biggest hobby into my profession 7 years ago. Being born like this "Mas que Momentos".

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It's been over three years since I was married, and I'd be lying if I told you that the process of dreaming and living that day didn't change my perspective on how to tell stories. Knowing well all the emotions that you are feeling undoubtedly marked a before and after in my photography, and in how I perceive that day. Now really, I can say and feel that I know how tremendously important and valuable it is to take care of that memory.


And about eight years ago, I lost my father. In spite of myself, I barely have memories of him. He was always behind the camera in truth, it could be said that he was the culprit that you are here today reading this. And to me... it made me happy to share that with him. But those memories, the two behind the camera, his voice, his laugh or the way he raised his eyebrows when something surprised him, are memories that are blurred in my memory, and in everyone's. I will never be able to stop thinking, I wish I had portrayed him more.

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Fortunately for me, on this adventure I am very well accompanied by Joana. She is the one who always listens to my crazy ideas with a smile, the one who swallows insatiable hours of talks about art. That he never says no, but rather let's try, and that he faces every little thing with an illusion, that if I'm honest, I would love to absorb him.

I love how we work together, and I like even more how you perceive us. Always in unison as if we were one. I am especially excited when you emphasize this, since I think it is the perfect way to have a photo and video result that goes together.

I could say many things about MQM, about me, about us and about this little fragment of the world, like that we love to travel, good food, especially if it's sunny. We look for the beautiful in the simple, and we can't help but spend weeks humming the song we put in the last video. And that we could spend hours playing with light. That we like nothing more than to make you laugh, and that you have an incredible time.

Shall we have a coffee?

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