Diego and Marta, Marta and Diego (plus two kittens as henchmen) - we are a unique couple with a story to tell. Just like you.

We got married two years ago, and so we know well all the emotions you are feeling and those that are still to come.

We would be lying if we told you that the process of dreaming and living our day did not change the approach that began back in 2015 - 2016, and that has not stopped evolving, of how to tell stories. It certainly marked a before and an after. Now we can really say that we know how tremendously important and valuable that memory is for you.

We love travelling, good food, listening to stories, looking for the beautiful in the simple, dreaming, playing with light, making you laugh (a lot), and having an incredible time.

We would love to help create together a memory that will stay with you forever, and that you will be able to savour again and again.


Marta Fresnillo

It may seem strange, but you don't know how important a photo, video or audio can be to us.

I didn't really realise this value until I lost my father 6 years ago. I hardly have any photos of him and sometimes, much to my regret, I find it hard to remember his voice. He was always behind the camera, so passionate about it, and I learnt it all from him.

Now, years later, every time I arrive at a wedding and I see the happy faces of all those people around you, I can't help but be moved by the intensity of the moment and above all the emotion it gives me to capture all that for you. So that you will have it forever. So that you never think about what you could have missed.

I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, where I grew up. During my time at university, I specialised in photography and plastic arts. For many years I was a designer, photographer and illustrator for several brands and companies such as Iberdrola, Cruz Roja, Oxford Hub, Satse or Ascamm.

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Diego Kataryniuk


Argentinian by birth, with his mixture of Spanish, Ukrainian and Italian blood (from his accent, you would usually guess that he is from the Canary Islands! haha). He has been living in the north of Spain for 30 years, where he studied to dedicate himself to his great passion: cinema.

Besides being a videographer of beautiful stories in MQM, he is dedicated to the cinematographic world. This includes being a film director and producer, as well as one of the owners and co-founders of the Basque Country Film School.

He is in the arduous process of making his first film after the success of his short films. This includes his last production "Bitter was the dessert", which was a winner in several festivals such as Fant (breaking records with its double prize from jury and audience), Isla Calavera and Cortada.

Shall we have a coffee?

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